Agency «NAVILON» — vacancies

Требуются сотрудники:

1. Переводчик: Английский, Немецкий, Французский, Испанский, Итальянский, Норвежский, Шведский, Голландский, Финский, Датский.
2. IT специалист: Специалист по Big Data, специалист (ISO, BSI), программист.
3. Архитектор, дизайнер.
4. Логист, менеджер, консультант по продажам со знанием иностранных языков.
5. Секретарь со знанием иностранных языков.

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Business Agency «NAVILON»

Our company offers you remote employees.

We will find you an employee according to your needs.                                             Billing by the hour.                                                                                                                  Our employees work 8 hours a day or 12 hours a day.                                                       During the day and night.                                                                                                Communication on Skype.                                                                                                          A remote employee can work on their computer or remotely on your computer.      You control the work of a remote employee.                                                                      You pay us for the work of a remote employee once a week.

What is the advantage of our remote employee:

You don’t pay taxes for an employee.                                                                                  You only pay for hourly work.                                                                                              You don’t pay sick leave.                                                                                                        You don’t pay for vacation.                                                                                              Remote employee works at a convenient time for you.                                                       At any time, you can refuse the services of a remote employee.